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Piranha Pool Care has partnered with

Viking Pool Service

Piranha Pool Care has recently partnered with Mark from Viking Pool Service to elevate our clients experience!  This collaboration combines our exceptional weekly maintenance with Vikings expert repair services, giving our clients shorter pool down times and ensuring their pools are always pristine.




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Pool Equipment

We sell, install and service a wide array of swimming pool products (pumps, filters, salt systems, heaters, plumbing repairs, lights and more). We specialize in both salt and regular chlorine applications.


Acid Wash

Is your swimming pool a complete swamp? Or do you simply want to remove stains and breath life back into your old pool? If you answered yes to either question, then acid washing may be exactly what you need! Acid washing burns off a thin layer of pool surface, exposing fresh surface underneath. This removes many stains and can turn a nasty swamp into a beautiful 'like-new' swimming pool.

Salt System Installs

Are you tired of red eyes, itchy skin and water that reeks of chlorine odors? Then give us a call and switch your pool to salt... when I say "salt", don't worry; it's not like the ocean. In fact, it's so little salt that you probably can't even taste it if you tried. But you can certainly feel it - soft water that is smooth and pleasant to the touch!

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